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Welcome to Warriors

My name is Nicole Warburton and welcome to Warriors Health! Warriors Health is dedicated to helping you reach your personal goals regarding mental and physical health. So, no matter what your goals entail, we are here for you. I want to ensure that each person that walks through the door at Warriors feels comfortable, respected and relaxed. I treat each client as an individual and therefore, I develop personalised hypnotherapy scripts for each client, tailored to your specific needs and goals. This is the beginning of an important journey and change in your life and I am here to support you and guide you through the process.

I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist and I have worked with a variety of clients regarding; goal achievement, sports performance enhancement, anxiety, stress, fears. confidence and weight loss. I offer a free 45 – 60 minute hypnotherapy initial consultation for all of my clients, so please get in touch about booking yours today. To see more of the hypnotherapy treatments I offer, please visit my treatments page. To see what others have to say about my services please read the testimonials below.

I also work alongside a qualified nutritionist who I recommend anyone trying to lose weight or struggling with IBS should have a consultation with. However, the nutrition consultation is available for anyone interested, please contact us. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit Warriors today, I hope you find what you are looking for. I can’t wait to speak to you soon and begin the first steps in achieving your goals.