IBS Treatment Hypnosis Audiotape


Relax and unwind whilst easing your IBS symptoms with this hypnosis audiotape.

This audiotape will help you to manage symptoms of IBS. You will learn relaxation techniques to help you control symptoms. You will also learn to reestablish the mind-body connection, alongside pain management techniques to help you ease any pain and discomfort you may feel during an IBS flare up. As well as this, you will learn acceptance and ways to reduce stress and anxiety, to reduce the risk of triggering your IBS symptoms.

I recommend you listen to this recording once a week for 6 weeks for optimum benefit and then as and when you need it after that.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to listen to this recording. Never listen to this recording whilst driving, operating machinery or doing any activity that requires a high level of focus such as taking care of a child.

I hope you enjoy this audiotape!


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