Treatments & Pricing

If you would like to book a free hypnotherapy initial consultation for any of the below treatments, please get in touch via the contact me page. Weekend appointments and online appointments available. 


Stress is sadly very common in this modern world. A variety of things can cause stress such as; the workplace, family and friends, illness, grief, responsibility and fear. Stress can lead to severe physical health conditions, mental health problems and relationship problems. 


Anxiety is often a symptom of stress and can be debilitating to some people. If you feel like your stress and/or anxiety is controlling your life, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy can help you identify what causes your stress and anxiety and teach you skills to stay calm and relaxed.

Is a lack of confidence severely impacting your life? Is it stopping you from doing the things you love and enjoying your life? Do you not see yourself as worthy?

Confidence is an important trait to have in life, as with it comes new opportunities, more success and a happier lifestyle. There are many causes of low self esteem and confidence and hypnotherapy can help you identify these causes and work to overcome them. Hypnotherapy helps to build confidence and self-esteem through changing your thought process to become more positive, eliminating self-doubt and improving your self-image.

If your fear or phobia is affecting your day to day life, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy helps you identify where this fear or phobia has come from and allows you to experience this fear and phobia in a safe and controlled way

Have you always struggled losing weight? Do you find yourself comfort eating? Do you feel out of control when it comes to food? Does your weight affect your confidence and ability to enjoy your day to day life? 
If the answer is yes to any of the above, then hypnotherapy could be of help to you. Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight by building your confidence and allowing you to explore the internal barriers holding you back from losing weight. This is not a quick fix and the results of weight loss may seem slow, but hypnotherapy works as a safe lifestyle change, which allows you to lose the weight you desire and maintain a healthy weight.
Please note that if you are considered overweight, based upon the BMI chart, doctor’s consent will need to be given before hypnotherapy begins.
Do you have a habit that you long to break? (nail biting, thumb sucking etc). Maybe you have an unhelpful addiction that you want to stop? (sugar addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction.) If you feel your habit or addiction is getting out of control, hypnotherapy can help you gain control over your own life once more and break these unhelpful habits. 
Do you find it is never the right time to stop smoking? It is always your new year’s resolution, but you can never follow through? You smoke because you’re stressed, and it helps you cope? You thought e-cigarettes were a healthy, safe alternative but now you want to stop? 
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then hypnotherapy may be of help to you. This 2 hour stop smoking hypnotherapy session, allows you to explore the reasons and triggers of your smoking, and teaches you relaxation techniques to help you stop smoking. Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy allows you to become a healthier and happier individual.
Are you looking to improve your performance in some aspect of your life? Maybe you want to improve in a sport? Or work?
Hypnotherapy helps you to focus the mind and improve concentration to enable you to achieve your goals. You will learn to block out distractions and overcome barriers. 

Has IBS taken control over your life? Do you find you are avoiding situations due to the fear of having IBS symptoms?

If your struggling with IBS then hypnotherapy can be of help to you. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a debilitating condition that causes diarrhoea, sickness, constipation, headaches, fatigue, pain and discomfort, low mood and anxiety. Hypnotherapy helps by allowing you to accept your condition, reduce anxiety and fear, boost your self esteem and confidence, reduce pain and discomfort and enhance the brain – gut connection to alleviate symptoms of IBS.

Alongside IBS hypnotherapy treatment, you may wish to speak to our qualified nutritionist who can help you identify trigger foods and give you advice and guidance regarding your food intake.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Fibromyalgia? Migraines? IBS? 
Pain is very complex and can sometimes stem from psychological causes. If your pain is interfering with your life and preventing you from doing things, then hypnotherapy could help you. Hypnotherapy helps you identify any psychological causes of the pain and resolve any inner conflicts and secondary gains. If there is no psychological reason, hypnotherapy can help you manage your symptoms of pain, in order to live a happier and more enjoyable life. 
Please note that a doctor’s consent will be needed before hypnotherapy begins.
If there is no identified physical reason as to why you cannot conceive then hypnotherapy may be of help to you. Stress, anxiety, shame, negative self-beliefs, and past experiences can all contribute to an inability to conceive. 
Hypnotherapy can help to reduce stress and anxiety through relaxation and can help build your confidence and self-belief in order to maximise your chances of conceiving naturally or increase the success rate of conceiving with medical assistance.
Please note that a doctor’s consent will be needed before hypnotherapy begins.
Most women feel scared and anxious about their birth, this can lead to a painful and unenjoyable birthing experience. Hypnobirthing helps you to understand the mind-body connection and the birthing process. It teaches you relaxation and breathing techniques, alongside pain management techniques. You will gain your own personal scripts which your birthing partner can use to help you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed throughout the birthing process.

You will also have help to develop a hypnobirthing birthing plan and your birthing partner will gain the knowledge and skills needed to assist you in a calm and comfortable birth. These sessions allow you to gain control over your birthing process, allowing you to have an enjoyable and comfortable birth.


Standard Pricing
Free initial consultation lasting 45 -60 minutes. Each session following lasts for approximately 1 hour (except stop smoking and hypnobirthing) and has a cost of £50 per session.
We also provide access to work with a qualified nutritionist who will be able to conduct a consultation with you. The aim of this session will be to discuss your goals, discover any issues you may have and help create a food plan to help towards achieving your goal. Prior to the session you will be required to provide a food diary for the week, templates for this can be made available upon request. This will be a one-hour consultation with a cost of £200 with food plan included. Please get in touch if you wish to find out more about this service.
Stop Smoking
Stop smoking is a 2-hour session and has a cost of £150.
Hypnobirthing is done as a class, with a maximum of 4 couples per class (birthing partners will be required to take the class as well). There are 6 classes, over the course of 6 weeks and then a 1:1 session for each couple individually. This has a cost of £350 per couple. If you would like to have 1:1 hypnobirthing sessions, this can be arranged with a cost of £100 per session.
Please note that regarding cancellations, you must give at least 12 hours’ notice, otherwise payment will still be required.